VCT Waxing and Stripping

In addition to the many professional floor cleaning services that Boda Carpet Cleaning provides, we also offer waxing and stripping services for Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) flooring, too.  VCT flooring is a highly-functional, durable, and attractive flooring type.  It is suitable for all areas, and especially for areas that see a lot of foot traffic.

VCT flooring is common in commercial buildings, as well as in hospitals, medical offices, daycares, and in homes across our area.

If you have VCT flooring in your home or business, then you know that caring for your floor is a very important step in maintaining the appearance of your place, as well as helping to protect your floor.  The professionals from Boda Carpet Cleaning welcome the opportunity to help you take care of your VCT floors, with our specialized waxing and stripping services.

Most professionals recommend that VCT floors remain serviced about once a year.  Wax that is on the surface of the VCT floor helps to prolong the life of the flooring materials, as well as helps to keep the shine and the smoothness along the floor’s surface.

The process used to maintain the VCT floor, involves stripping the old wax off of the floor’s surface, and replacing new wax over the entirety of the space.  The wax acts as a barrier for the floor, and helps to prevent chips, tile movement, and other problems from occurring to the floor.

The flooring experts from Boda Carpet Cleaning are well-trained in caring for Vinyl Composition Tile floors.  We have the proper tools, machinery, and chemicals, that allows us to thoroughly remove the current wax on your VCT floor, and methodically place new wax along the surface.

We know that our customers depend on the appearance and the durability of their VCT floors, and we ensure that our waxing and stripping services are completed in a precise and timely manner.

If you have VCT floors that you would like to have serviced by a group of professionals that are knowledgeable, dedicated, and diligent, then please contact the staff from Boda Carpet Cleaning today.

We always offer free estimates for services provided, and we look forward to hearing from you anytime!





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